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Upgrading home bedrooms near Boynton Beach, Florida (FL), with Duette Honeycomb Shades featuring noise control.

Upgrading Home Bedrooms

The place where we begin and end each day, bedrooms hold a special place in any homeowner or apartment renter’s heart. After all, this is where you get ready for the day, snuggle in for a relaxing...

Adding side panels and drapery to homes near Boynton Beach, Florida (FL) as the finishing touch.

Adding Side Panels and Drapery to Homes

Back in the day, draperies were stiff and uniform. They were utilitarian and not so much creative. However, Hunter Douglas offers a premium line of side panels and drapery that can breathe life...

Best Blinds for Farmhouse Homes near Boynton Beach, Florida (FL), including Kitchens and Bathrooms

Best Blinds for Farmhouse Homes

While many Florida homes feature fun beach designs, that is not the only home aesthetic in the Sunshine State. Maybe homes feature minimalist designs, modern trends, and more to show off...

Adding Custom Blinds to Homes near Boynton Beach, Florida (FL), for increased UV Protection

Adding Custom Blinds to Homes

The big, beautiful bounty of blinds out there is anything but sparce. While it is great to have options, having too many options can start to feel a little overwhelming. After all, when faced with a billion blinds...

Adding Solera Soft Shades to Homes near Boynton Beach, Florida (FL), for a Clutter-Free Look

Adding Solera® Soft Shades to Homes

You don’t have to be a professional baker to know that no cake is complete without finishing touches. Whether that is a bunch of fondant roses perched at the top or layers of yummy frosting...