Choices for Motorized Blinds or Shades

Choices for Motorized Blinds or Shades in Boynton Beach Florida (FL) like PowerView and SoftTouch Motorization Systems

In this article, Enhancement Window Design – conveniently located in Boynton Beach, Florida (FL) – is here to list choices for motorized blinds and shades. We proudly offer the full line of Hunter Douglas window treatments and operating systems.

When it comes to Hunter Douglas, you never have to feel pigeonholed. Every window treatment comes with a variety of options that let your functional and styling needs be satisfied. There are even options when it comes to the window treatment operating systems provided by Hunter Douglas. Read on to discover your choices for motorized blinds and shades in Boynton Beach, FL.

1). PowerView® Motorization

If you ever find yourself tired of adjusting your blinds every hour of the day, you have come to the right place. With the PowerView® Motorization system, all you have to do is power up your device, schedule when you want your blinds to adjust via the PowerView® App, and you are done! Your blinds will automatically adjust based on the schedule you provided. Sounds pretty neat, huh? That is why the PowerView® Motorization system was the recipient of the 2018 Red Dot Design Award, one of the most prestigious and coveted awards in the design world.

2). SoftTouch Motorization

Your choices for motorized window treatments continue with this simple yet intuitive wand-controlled system. SoftTouch™ Motorization is a battery-powered device that is operated via wand. All you have to do is pull gently on the wand to lower your shades and push up on the wand to raise your shades. You can even set your shades to tilt a specific way each time. A cordless window treatment is not only easy for those adjusting the windows, but it is also a safety feature. No cords mean no risk of small children or pets tripping over them. This touch-and-go system is easy to use and will end your days of yanking on cords to make the shades tilt just right.

3). Motorized Operating System for Vertical Blinds

If you have windows that are wider than they are tall, your choices for motorized window treatments involve a system made just for vertical blinds. This effortless system rotates your window treatment vanes to any angle with just the touch of a button. There is also the option of adding the feature that traverses the vanes. This operating system can attach easily to your wall via a wall-mount system or it can be operated via remote. Effortless but mighty, this operating system is a must for those with vertical blinds.


At Hunter Douglas, there is no limit to how you can dress up your windows. This holds true even with the various Hunter Douglas operating systems. If you are in need of an operating system that automatically adjusts your window treatments via an App, consider PowerView® Motorization. If you fancy a system that has a touch-and-go, cordless feature, then SoftTouch™ Motorization is your new best friend. Finally, if you desire a system that will effortlessly work with your vertical window treatments, consider getting yourself the motorized operating system for vertical blinds. To learn more or to purchase a pair of your own, be sure to contact or visit Enhancement Window Design today!

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